Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Leonard Cohen; A Crack in Everything at the Jewish Museum

I really did not know much about Leonard Cohen since his music did not get much play on the radio.  He never charted on the Billboard Top 40 Chart.  When he passed away in November 2016 I bought a compilation CD called the Essential Leonard Cohen.  His music seemed to be dark and mysterious.

The Jewish Museum is now featuring an exhibition called a Crack in Everything which will be there until September.  Much of the exhibit was devoted to videos of his concert performances. Until today I didn't realize that he was also a poet, novelist, and artist.  There was a video display showing his artworks which were mostly self-portraits.  There was a listening room that featured other recording artists cover Cohen's compositions.

This exhibition was by far my favorite after several visits to this museum.  I highly recommend it to my music enthusiast friends.

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