Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hunting for Kosher for Passover Food

It used to be that we were able to get all of our Kosher for Passover food at the local supermarket.  Over the years the demographics of our neighborhood has changed with the Jewish population  declining.  The Stop and Shop near us still carries matzoh and most of what we need for the holiday, but this year I had to go "hunting" for a few items.

There is a glatt kosher grocery store at 186th Street and Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows where I picked up a few items.  Last year they carried ice cream, but not this year.  At the last minute, Karen needs "Shake and Bake" for chicken.  Since I was going to my dentist in Rego Park this morning, I checked out two supermarkets on Queens Blvd. which didn't have it.  I finally found it at a C-Town on 63rd Drive.  Decades ago a now-defunct supermarket called Bohack's were at that location.

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