Thursday, March 28, 2019

Today is Opening Day of the Baseball Season

It is only March 28th which is Lee's 31st birthday but it is opening day of the 2019 baseball season.  I think they are starting early to allow for more off days during the season.  Opening day is a time for optimism as the cold winter days are ending and we can put the disappointments of the 2018 baseball season behind.

The Mets made several moves in the off-season by acquiring Robinson Cano to play second base and Wilson Ramos to catch.  Rookie Peter Alonso looks promising as he will be the first baseman. They fortified the bullpen by signing Edward Diaz to be the closer and re-acquiring Jeurys Familia to be the set-up man.  Free agent Justin Wilson was also signed to fortify the bullpen.  Hopefully, there will be no further injuries as Todd Frazier and Jed Lowrie start the season on the injury list.

Can the Yankees overtake the Boston Red Sox to win the American League East and advance to the World Series?  Only time will tell.

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