Monday, July 23, 2018

Terrible Weather Forecast for the Week

It looks like it will rain for most of the week.  Here is the forecast from WNBC-TV:

"Scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue to move through parts of the region this morning, but do look to recede a bit further inland during the afternoon and evening. Still, it will be a very humid and gray day across most of the region, with highs peaking in the lower 80s in the city. Conditions will remain rather muggy and overcast tonight, with lows only dropping into the 70s. A few spotty showers or thunderstorms could pop up overnight, but this will mainly be across our suburbs north and west of town. Tomorrow will be a touch drier overall, and we could even see a few peeks of sunshine at times. However, there is still a possibility that we could see a few more showers and thunderstorms fire up during the day. Regardless, it will continue to feel very warm and humid across most of the region with highs rising back into the mid-80s."

Most museums are closed on Mondays and I just went to the movies yesterday.  I'll have to think of something to do.  I can always read yesterdays New York Times.

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