Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I Bought Tickets for Paul Simon at Madison Square Garden in September

In February I reported in this journal that Paul Simon is retiring and will give a farewell tour with the proceeds going to charity.  He will be "Homeward Bound" as he will be performing at the Prudential Center in Newark and at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in September.  Today I bought tickets for the MSG show on Friday, September 21.

I paid about $100/ticket, but I was annoyed that Ticketmaster wanted $23/ticket as their fee.  There is no choice but to pay the fee as one can't go to the box office.

I doubt that Art Garfunkel will not be there with him at all since he has been having problems with his voice.  I also sense that Paul and Art are not on the best of terms. Maybe I'll be surprised that night.

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