Thursday, March 1, 2018

Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Sam Cooke at the Paley Center

I think I have visited the Paley Center almost once a week since I have retired.  Lee came with me today as he wanted to see his buddy, Elvis Presley.  We found his 1968 Comeback special in their vast collection of the history of TV and Radio recordings.  After that, he wanted to see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Yours truly actually watched those show before Lee was a gleam in my eye.  We saw the shows from:

  • February 9, 1964
  • February 16, 1964
  • February 23, 1964
  • September 12, 1965 - this show also featured Soupy Sales doing the Mouse.
We actually fast forwarding through those 3 shows and only viewed the appearances by the Fab 4.

We found the first show of Shindig in September 1964 which featured Sam Cooke singing Blowin' in the Wind.

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