Friday, November 3, 2017

Girl from the North Country, Trouble No More and the Social Security Office

This will be an eventful week for this Bob Dylan fan.  I was finally able to get a hold of the cast album of the show Girl From the North Country that is playing now in London.  It is based on several love songs written by Dylan.  Hopefully, it will make its way across the ocean and appear on Broadway.

Today was the release date of Trouble No More a boxed set of recordings from Dylan's born-again period (1978-81).  It consists of 8 CDs and 1 DVD which represents a controversial period in Dylan's career.  Gotta Serve Somebody is my favorite song of this period.  Thanks to for delivering these CDs in a timely manner.  Years ago I would have to run around looking for a record store that had it.

Hopefully, I will get "trouble no more" from the Social Security Office.  For some strange reason, they want Karen and Lee to come to their office.  I don't understand that as they don't have anything to do with my claim for Social Security benefits.  Hey, I paid into the system for over 40 years, and now I want to get it back.

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