Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I donated to the New York City Coalition to the Homeless

 In June I reported in this journal about giving a homeless woman a dollar and she did not even thank me.  The photo in that entry said to say no to panhandlers and giving to a local organization.  Today, I found $2 on the subway and thought about handing it over to two homeless people.  I certainly pass by many on the street, the subway, and Penn Station.  The track 1 waiting room in Newark Penn Station is likely the homeless capital of New Jersey.  When you give money to an individual, you never know how they will use it.  Perhaps they use it to purchase drugs.  There is always the story that the person needs money for train fare.

Today, I gave a $50 donation to the New York City Coalition For the Homeless so I will know that the money will go to food, clothing, or shelter for the homeless.

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