Friday, April 14, 2017

Would an AM Oldies Station Work in NYC?

Oldies are defined as music that hit the charts from 1955 (the beginning of rock n roll) until the late 1970s.  I guess the ending date is not definitive.  For many years WCBS-FM was New York's premier oldies station until it adapted the dreaded Jack format in 2005.  It came back in 2007 wth a "classic hits" formats playing music from 1964 onward.  As the years progressed it abandoned 1960s music and now plays hits from the 70s until the 90s.  They want to attract listeners from age 25-54 to be appealing to advertisers.

Now listeners of oldies must go to internet radio stations such as Pop Gold Radio and Rewound Radio which are excellent.  Very recently the station at 1260 AM in Los Angeles flipped to oldies and is known as 1260 K-SURF,  I don't think there are any ratings yet available for that station.

Could oldies on an AM station work in NYC?  What station would do it?  The ratings for the talk radio stations are very low, thus would WABC or WOR flip to oldies?  Could a less powerful AM station like WPAT (930 AM) or WSNR (620 AM) do it?  WMTR (1250 AM), a suburban station from Morristown has done oldies for many years and seems to be doing very well, but would it work in the Big Apple?


Philip Martone( said...

I think WABC should do it! to prove that everything old is new again.I don't see WOR doing it because because they signed a long term contract to carry NY Mets games and they are the NY home for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity which do well in the ratings. I can't see any other NY AM station doing it unless they have 50,000 watts.BTW WHLI 1100 AM, a daytimer on Long Island has been doing oldies from the 1950's to 1990's for a long time now and gets respectable ratings on Long Island so why can't it work in NYC for WABC?

Anonymous said...

WABC for sure as they are over due...possible copy cats of WNBC, WBBR and WMCA returning with Goodguy radio.

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