Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oh Well - New York City Law Only Allows for Naming or Co-Naming Street for the Deceased.

It was short and sweet as my quest to name a street in Forest Hills after Simon and Garfunkel ended as I found out from an official source that streets in NYC can only be named or co-named after dead people.  I sent my query to Community Board #6 which covers Forest Hills and received a prompt response.  This is what I received:

Standards for Council Consideration of Street Co-naming

Subjects Must Be either:

An individual who:

1. Is deceased; and

2.   a. Was a New York City resident or native; or

      b. Was an individual of particular importance to a significant population of New York City;  and

3.   a. Whose contributions to art, science, culture, politics, education, society or health and safety have a lasting positive impact on a city community, the city, the state, the country or the world; or

      b. Who knowingly risked their own life to save the life of another person in an act of heroism above and beyond the call of duty; or 

                  c. Who engaged in extensive community involvement or activism, including, but not    limited to, the providing of aid to members of a community in need; or

                  d. Was a uniformed member of the Department of Correction, the Fire Department, the Police Department or the Department of Sanitation who died in the line of duty.

Organizations or Cultural Works that have:

1. Had an enduring or lasting impact on large segments of the City’s population, or have undertaken an act or acts that had an enduring or lasting impact on a community; and

2. Whose importance to the City or whose enduring or lasting impact is a result of exemplary acts or achievements which reflect positively on the City.

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