Friday, November 11, 2016

Bye Bye Bartolo Colon - Thanks for 3 Good Seasons for the Mets

You just can't get too attached to a ball player these days as you never know when they will leave your team.  It is very rare today when a superstar like Mickey Mantle or Ted Williams will play his entire career with one team.

Today Bartolo Colon signed a one year $12.5 Million contract with the Atlanta Braves.  You have to think about the Mets' options here.  Although Bartolo had an excellent season for the Mets last year winning 15 games, he is 43 years old.  You never know when an "elderly" athlete will all of a sudden lose his skills.  Bartolo was injury free last season when 4 of the Mets yonger players lost much time due to injuries.

My favorite memories of Bartolo was seeing him run out two doubles at Citifield.  His home run in San Diego was "amazing".  Thanks for 3 good seasons for the Mets.

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