Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will The Mets Make a Move By the Trading Deadline?

Last season the trades that the Mets made at the deadline gave them a jolt so that they eventually won the NL East and got into the World Series.  This season they are still several games behind the Washington Nationals and are competing with the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals for the wild card berths.  Their major problem is getting hits with runners in scoring position.  I tend to doubt there is anyone on the market who can help the Mets in that category.  Surprising a large percentage of their scoring has been done by the home run, so they don't need another power hitter.  I think the bull pen has done well this season.  Possibily they could get another starting pitcher to replace the injured Matt Harvey.  Last season they gave up several good propsects including Michael Fulmer who is excelling  with the Detroit Tigers.  Is it worth it to deplete the farm system?

My prediction is that the Mets will not make any moves at the trading deadline this season.

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