Sunday, July 3, 2016

Keep Wilmer Flores at Third Base

I wish I was at Citifield today as the Mets creamed the Chicago Cubs for the fourth game in a row.  For the second time in this series the Mets hit 5 home runs in a game.  Wilmer Flores seen above hit two home runs and went 6 for 6 tieing the Mets record for hits in a game. 

Wilmer started the season very slowly as he was the backup infielder.  Once he played regularly at 3rd base, his hitting improved dramatically.  So what happens when Jose Reyes is ready to come to the majors?  I say keep Flores at third base  and get rid of Alejandro de Aza who has played poor in the first half of the season.  At that point Jose Reyes can be a backup infielder/outfielder.

I hope Sandy Alderson makes the right decision.

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