Thursday, May 5, 2016

Random Comments of the Day

I moderate two groups on Facebook:

  • Fans of Cousin Brucie
  • Fans of Harry Harrison
Recently people's accounts have been hacked while the culprit posts porno on these sites.  It is really a shame.  I guess some people have nothing better to do.

I am really rooting for the NJIT and Newark police departments to catch the two criminals who shot and killed a student at a fraternity house this past week during a burglary.  The student was awake at 3 AM studying for final exams and is killed.  How sad.

It seems that for this season so far the Mets are the hot team in NYC while the Yankees are cold.  The Yankees should not have given long term contracts to players in their thirties.  Any athlete's skills will erode as they age.

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