Sunday, May 1, 2016

Giants 6 Mets 1

It rained all morning and it seemed doubtful if the Mets would play.  We left the house a little after 12 noon and took the bus and #7 train to Citifield.  When we entered the gate we were surprised to get Curtis Granderson socks as this giveaway was limited to the first 15,000 fans.  I heard that people arrived at the stadium several hours before yesterday's game to get a Noah Syndergaard gnome.

The game started on time as there was a light drizzle throughout.  The announced attendance in  the box score was 39,000 but obviously there were many no shows.  It was a matchup of two pitching aces Noah Syndergaard against Madison Bumgarner.  The Mets had won 8 in a row, but the hitting just wasn't there today.  Granderson and Duda were rested as the Mets were facing a left hander.  Michael Confort who has been as hot as fire went 0-5.  The Mets lost 6-1.

I just hate it when a pitcher is brought in to face just one batter.  The Giants had a substantial lead, but manager Bruce Bochy made several lefty right switches.

Box score

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