Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Received an E-mail from Max Kinkel Today

My readers who are not radio enthusiasts may not know that Max Kinkel was a radio personality who did overnights on WCBS-FM for many years.  He had enthusiastic followers who phone him very late at night.  He likely broke the format of the oldies station by talking to listeners on the air.  If I remember correctly he left the station in 1995.  For a while he did morning drive at WNNJ (1300 AM) in Newton, NJ.  He hasn't been on the radio for years.

Today I received an e-mail from him:

Bruce Slutsky  are you an Orville Slutsky descendant who's
family owns Hunter Mountain?

I answered that I was not.  For many years I was asked if I was related to the Ellenville Slutskys who owned the Nevele.

I mentioned to him that Vic Monachelli who was one of his greatest fans passed away earlier this year.  I also asked Max what he was doing.

He has not yet responded to me.

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