Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Three Greatest Concerts Ever

I did not have the pleasure of seeing these concerts in person, but I saw the videos several times:

1.  The Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert on October 16, 1992.  I remember seeing this on Pay Per View and later bought it on DVD.  It was the best of both worlds as you can hear covers of Dylan songs and Dylan himself.

2.  The Concert for Bangla Desh - August 1971.  As far as I know this was the first concert with several superstars that was a fundraiser.  I think Dylan's appearance was a surprise as during that time he didn't perform much in concert.

3.  The Last Waltz - November 1976.  It was supposed to be a farewell concert for The Band, but it wasn't.  The group reformed without Robbie Robertson.  It is a shame that Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, and Rick Danko passed away.

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