Friday, December 26, 2014

Thanks Mike Riccio, Tom Natoli, Bob Radil and Allan Sniffen for a Job Well Done

Back when I was growing up I would always listen to WABC and WMCA and jot down the survey numbers.  I would always cheer when one of my favorite artists had a big hit.  I would occasionally buy Record World, Billboard, or Cash Box and to see the national charts.

Radio stations very often poll their listeners to compile a list of favorites,  Very often it is 500 or 100 songs.  It is the opinion of many that commercial radio stations fudge these surveys and eliminate songs that are not consistant with the station's format.

For the past 17 years Mike Riccio and Tom Natoli have polled oldies enthusiasts on the Oldies Message Board.  They always promise an honest report of the votes.  The Top 77 was heard starting at 2 PM today on Rewound Radio which is run by Allan Sniffen.  Bob Radil narrated the show with Tom and Mike.  There was a pre-show of 150-78 starting at about 10 AM.

Good Show!

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