Monday, June 9, 2014

Stu Dolgon - New York Rangers Fan Extraordinaire

I met Stu Dolgon online back in the 1990s when we both posted in the WCBS-FM folder on America Online.  I met Stu a couple of times at the oldies meets and greets that we had at Ben's Deli in Manhattan.  A few years ago I found out that he was a big fan of the New York Rangers.  He lived in central New Jersey and was a season ticket holder at Madison Square Garden.  About a year ago he retired and moved to Florida, but kept his enthusiasm for the Rangers.  He drove up from Florida to attend the games in the final series at Madison Square Garden.  As I am typing this journal entry he is there rooting for his favorite team.  I will soon join Karen in the living room to watch the game.  The LA just scored a goal with 0.7 seconds to go in the first period.

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