Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remembering Dad Almost 17 Years Later

When I remember Dad (Irving Slutsky 1917-1997) I remember that he introduced me to many of the things that I enjoy to this day.  It was July 15, 1957 when he took me to my first baseball game at Ebbetts Field as the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Milwaukee Braves 20-4.  He was disappointed when the Dodgers moved to LA in and greatly anticipated the return of National League baseball to NYC.  Thus he and I became Met fans in 1962.  Thus, today Karen, Lee and I will be going to see the Mets.  I also remember first hearing top 40 radio in Dad's car all those years ago.

I also remember him for encouraging me when there were disappointments in life.  I miss him after all these years.

Happy Birthday to readers of Bruce's Journal who are Dads.

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