Monday, February 24, 2014

Random Comments of the Day

The worst thing about a root canal is that takes 5 visits to 2 dentist before the procedure is completed.  The first two parts are done by an endodontist (specialist) while the last 3 are done by a general dentist.  Today I was at visit #4.  And just when you think you are finished with the dentist, he will find a new problem.

I got to the dentist in Rego Park a little early so I had some to walk around the old neighborhood.  I noticed there were three glatt kosher restaurants in the vicinity of Queens Blvd. and 67th Avenue.

The Knicks are doing pretty poorly this year as their current record in 21-35.  When I finish writing this journal entry I will join Karen who is watching the game.  They are down by just 1 point at half time.  At the end of the season it is likely that Coach Mike Woodson will be made the scapegoat and be fired.  I really think the Dolans should sell the team.  I hope that Patrick Ewing who has several years experience as an Assistant Coach will be the next Head Coach of the Knicks.  However, it seems that superstars rarely become good coaches.

I read that those turkeys Steve and Leanna at WKJY were reinstated today.  I think I made my comments about this situation.

There is still much speculation on the various radio message boards on where Scott Shannon will land.  Some think he will be the new morning personality at WOR while others think he will end up at Fresh FM or WCBS-FM.  Time will tell.

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