Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Does Arthur Chu Deserve This Media Attention So Soon?

In watching Jeopardy since the Art Fleming days in 1964 I have seen many excellent players.  Until 2004 a player had to retire as undefeated champion after 5 wins.  Thus there were many players in the first 20 years of the Alex Trebek version who may have won many more games had there not been this limitation.  Right now the show is airing a tournament of big winners from the first decade.

As regular shows went on hiatus 30 year old Arthur Chu had won $102,800 in 4 appearances.  He uses an unorthodox approach of jumping from one category to another.  In the video below he is interviewed on CNN.  But there have already been segments about him on the ABC Evening News and Good Morning America.  I see him as an excellent player, but after 4 victories he has yet to proven himself as a superstar like Ken Jennings (74 victories) or Dave Madden (19 victories).

There is so much luck involved in Jeopardy as to the categories that are selected and the competition.  I admire Arthur Chu as a Jeopardy player, but let's see if he stands up to the test of time.  I do feel the media has given him too much attention too soon.

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