Sunday, September 22, 2013

Styles Section in Sunday's New York Times

I usually read the Sunday Styles section on Sunday afternoon, while I save several sections to read on my commute on Monday and Tuesday.  I would like to comment on three articles in today's edition.

Step Away from the Phone  - When cell phones first became popular in the 1990s, it was so annoying to be on a bus or train and have to listen to someone's conversation.  Often people would discuss personal issues in a public place.  Now that everyone and his brother has a smart phone, people are always texting or checking Facebook while not paying attention to anything else.  This article describes how smartphone addicts are trying to break the habit.

Love to Loathe You Baby - this article describes "hate reading" of social media posts.  I am certainly guilty of looking up people whom I have not seen in years.  I would never want to reconnect with these people, but I do it out of curiosity.  For example, I found out that a former college roommate has been living in North Carolina for many years.  He divorced his wife whom he dated when I knew him.  This type of cyberstalking is really harmless. I am sure there are people in my past who find me but don't want to contact me.

Divorce after 50 Grows More Common -  I guess I can understand this situation.  As people age they may develop different interests and grow apart.  I guess the "empty nest" very often leads to divorce.  I guess if Al and Tipper Gore can split, it could happen to anyone.  Some divorces are bitter while others are amicable.

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