Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fourth Time Around - Bob Dylan Song of the Day

The words and music of Fourth Time Around have little to do with what happened today.  It is "significant" since for the fourth time I had treatment by a periodontist (gum specialist) today.  If you read my blog entry of August 26 , you will see that the dentist and her assistant listened to WKTU while they were working on my gums.  Today the dentist was humming to the music.  Well, at least they weren't listening to Hot 97.

The worst part of it as I described in my blog entry of July 29 was that for one hour I had to keep my mouth wide open and keep my chin down.  It is hard to do since my lips dried up during the procedure.  I am happy to say that the Fourth Time Around Will be the Last.  For the next week I will have to eat soft food and chew on one side of my mouth.  There will be a brief follow-up visit next week, but then I will have to return every three months for a cleaning.

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