Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Battle of Time Warner Cable vs CBS-TV

Back in the old days you had a television set with "rabbit ears" or an outside antenna and could just pick up the broadcast channels. Back then it was simple, but the choices were limited.  When I was growing up I received the major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC) plus locals at Channels 5, 9, 11 and 13.

I remember in Fall 1986 I first subscribed to Time Warner Cable in Flushing.  Back then it provided service to the traditional broadcast stations and to about 40 cable stations including those that provided coverage to the local teams.  Since then the landscape has become more complicated with more stations and service providers.

Time Warner has now dropped WCBS-TV-2 from its line-up over a dispute on fees to carry it to its subscribers:

Time Warner Cable's "side of the story"

CBS TV's "side of the story"

I am trying to be objective so, please read each web site.

As of now there has not be a major problem since TV viewership is lower over the summer months, but the dispute should be heating up soon.  Tomorrow night's Jet football game is on Channel 2, so the diehards may be annoyed.  Also there is a PGA Golf Tournament on CBS this weekend.

I have one television not connected to cable for situations like this or if the cable TV system goes down temporarily,

Within a few weeks the NFL season will begin as well at the 2013-14 TV season.  If this dispute is not resolved by then, there will be massive complaints.  It is a shame that the "little guy" is caught in the middle of a dispute between two major corporations.

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