Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's Help Rich Appel Return to WRNJ - Hackettstown

Rich Appel with Harry Harrison
I was quite dismayed yesterday when I found out that Rich Appel's "The Rest of the Week" was taken off the air at WRNJ - Hackettstown.  It certainly can not hurt for his fans to write to the station manager, Norman Worth at  Please be polite.  This is what I wrote:

Mr. Worth:

I am very disappointed that Rich Appel's weekend shows were taken off WRNJ.  Rich was certainly an asset to your station during the time that he worked there.  His knowledge of the music and artists encouraged me to listen to the station longer than I had in the past.  I felt that his banter with the local merchants helped to retain sponsors.

I ask that you rehire Rich for his weekend shifts.

Respectfully submitted

Bruce Slutsky

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