Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wheel of Fortune Taping at the Theater at Madison Square Garden

Karen and Lee have always been the bigger fans of Wheel in the family.  I am more into trivia while they are more interested in word games.  A few weeks ago we filled out a form we got from and mailed it in.  We subsequently received tickets to attend a taping at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.  The big event at the Garden last night was the Big East Tournament, but there were at least a few thousand people watching Wheel.  Most of the people in the audience were middle aged so I assume that it was a cross-section of the avid viewers of the show.

We got on the line at about 5:30 and were allowed into the theater at 6:30.  The taping began at 7:40 PM.  Jim Thornton, the announcer, warmed up the audience and warned everyone not to shout out answers to the puzzles.  The two shows that were recorded (I must assume that video tape is no longer used) will be on the air on May 2nd and 3rd.

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