Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bully Mayor Loses The Battle of the Soft Drinks

I agree with some of the opinions that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made on issues such as gun control.  If I had may way I would go even further and ban assault weapons and pistols, but that is not the topic of the day.  In his third term especially, the mayor has really bullied the public.  He had attempted to ban large sugary drinks sold by restaurants, movie theaters and other food businesses. One could not buy a drink larger than 16th ounces.

In his ruling, state Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling in Manhattan zeroed in on the loopholes, noting it would only have applied to businesses that are under the purview of the health department, like restaurants, and would allow sweetened milk-based drinks like milkshakes.

I agree with the mayor's sentiment that people should eat and drink in a healthy manner.  But I think in this case the government is going too far by invading people's choices of food and drink.  Why doesn't the mayor ban all tobacco products?

The mayor vows to appeal the judge's ruling.

On a related issue, Subway sandwich shops have a meal where you can get a discount by purchasing a sandwich, bag of potato chips and a 32 ounce drink.  This is the other extreme since who can drink a quart of soda with their lunch.

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