Monday, December 3, 2012

Viewing Demolition Sites on the Way to Work

I spend most of my commuting time reading  newspaper, magazine or book.  I do pick up my head and look at the scenery in Queens and New Jersey.  When I moved to Flushing in 1984 I took my car to Paul's service station at the corner of 35th Avenue and Linden Place.  He was an excellent mechanic until he retired around 2002.  For the past 10 years the property was used as a parking lot, but the garage remained intact.  Over the past few days the garage was finally demolished.  Perhaps a building will be constructed on that property.

Last May I reported in this journal that the former Hartz Mountain factory in Harrison, NJ was finally being demolished.  After 6 months the job is finally complete.  They now have tons of rubble to clear away. Hopefully an apartment complex will come to that site.  It is certainly very convenient to public transportation.

The deconstruction (I am not saying demolition here) of Shea Stadium was the saddest.  I just hated to look outside the window as the #7 train passed by the site.

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