Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mets 4 Marlins 3

Perhaps the Slutsky family should go to more Met games since the Amazins were 7-3 at games we attended.  I bought the ticket for this game in early July when I though the Mets could be in contention for a wild card berth in the playoffs, but I was wrong as the team collapsed after the All-Star break.  It will be interesting to see if R.A. Dickey wins 20 games as he was the starting pitcher today.  Jason Bay and Scott Hairston hit home runs as the Mets lead 4-0 after 8 innings.  Dickey gave up two hits in the ninth as he was relieved by Jon Rauch who gave up a 3 run homer to John Buck to make the game close.  Thankfully, the Mets held on to win 4-3.  Two of the three home runs were reviewed by the umpires.  Perhaps the video review should be extended to other situations.

Game Recap

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