Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mike Francesa hears both sides of the Time Warner MSG Network Dispute

I must tip my hat to Mike Francesa for interviewing Eric Mangan of Time Warner Cable and Mike Bair of the MSG Network about the misreable dispute that has denied me among 2 million other subscribers of Knick and Ranger telecasts.  He asked both parties some very pointed questions.  Mangan claims that there was a verbal agreement for a 6.5% increase, but then MSG reneged on that and demanded a 53% raise.  Bair denied the claims and says they made several offers to Time Warner that was denied.  There have not been meaningful negotiations since December.  There was no offers of arbitration.  About 30% of potential MSG viewers are with Time Warner.

This dispute is now approaching two months and has gotten more attention with the Jeremy Lin mania.   All I can say that everyone is out for the almighty buck.  I just don't know whom to believe.  I just feel that MSG is trying to get more money to pay for the renovations of the Garden.  In the meantime I have watched Knick and Ranger games on

In any event, I give Mike Francesa an A ++ for excellent sports journalism for putting both parties on the spot.  Who knows how long this will last.  I suggest that my readers listen to the Podcast.

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