Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughts on the New York Mets

Of course it was a very disappointed year for the New York Mets as they finished 77-85 which was slightly worse than their 2010 record. There obviously must be some changes made next season. First of all, the fences at Citifield must be brought in. It seemed very strange that the team’s record was worse at home. Hopefully, this will improve the performance of Jason Bay and David Wright. There is also the issue of signing Jose Reyes. The Mets should make a fair offer to him, but not overpay him. There are just too many former superstars making big bucks for mediocre performances.

First base - Ike Davis should return

Second Base - If Reyes re-signs Ruben Tejada . If not Justin Turner would play 2nd

Short Stop - Tejada will play if Reyes leaves

Third Base - Hopefully David Wright will play like a superstar

Outfield - the Mets must pay 2 more years of Jason Bay’s contract. Angel Pagan may not be back, so maybe a trade is in order for an upgrade at center field. Lucas Duda is likely to be at right field.
Starting Pitching - will Johan Santana be able to completely recover from his injury?   R. A. Dickey will return as he pitched much better than his 8-13 record indicated. Jon Neise should return, but there may be 2 new starters acquired by trades or free agent signings.

Relief Pitching - Tim Byrdak was just signed for 2012 as the situational lefty. I think Manny Acosta pitched well to earn a contract for next year. Isringhausen may retire. Bobby Parnell has be inconsistent. More bullpen help is needed.

Catching - I think Josh Thole is a question mark.

The Mets are weak in several areas. The financial situation of the Wilpons will likely preclude the Mets from spending big bucks on free agents. 2012 will likely be another tough season.

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