Saturday, April 23, 2011

Teac HD Radio with Ipod Cradle

I have owned an Accurian HD radio since October 2006.  Recently its performance has declined.  In any event no product lasts forever, so I wanted to buy an table radio for the dining room.  It has been well documented on radio message boards that HD radio has not caught on with the general public.  The programming on most HD2 and HD3 stations has not been completely developed.  I like the smooth jazz station on 101.9 HD2 and the country music station on 106.7 HD2.

The sound quality on this Teac radio is much better than the sound on the Accurian which was the second HD radio on the market in 2006.  The HD signal does not fade in and out on the Teac radio as it did on the Accurian.  I only paid $100 for this new radio.  My next radio will have to be an internet radio.

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