Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm Today - I decided to stay home

I recieved a phone call and text message from NJIT's alerting service this morning stating that the university would delay its opening until 11 AM due to an ice storm.  Radio stations and the New Jersey Transit Web Site reported that there was no service between New York City and Trenton and that PATH was running with delays.  I decided to wait until 8:30 to decide whether or not to come in.  Since the situation had not changed, I decided to stay home.  I always bank some vacation time for emergencies like this.  Believe me I have had some aggravating commutes in bad weather.

I spent time reading and watching TV.  Back to work tomorrow.  This has to be the most miserable winter since 1996.  I don't believe what happened on Ground Hog Day

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