Monday, November 1, 2010

Listening to the Radio on Saturday

I haven’t reported much on my radio listening, so here is my log for Saturday. I did most of my listening early in the day since I wanted to watch the World Series starting at 7 PM. This is the earliest starting time for a World Series game in over 20 years.

6:30 AM – WINS – I heard a commercial promoting NJIT to prospective students and their parents. The commercial talked about the research of Kam Sirkar, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering. I have known Kam since I started at NJIT in 1992.

6:45 AM – Sue O’neal on WCBS-FM. She is Ms. Reliability at the station since I can not remember her missing any weekend shifts since she joined in 2007.

8:00 AM – the Saturday morning function with Bob Porter on WBGO

8:30 AM – Classic Vinyl or Sirius/XM

9:45 AM – Richard Neer on WFAN. The callers were speculating on whom the Mets will hire as the next manager.

12:15 PM – back to WCBS-FM with Broadway Bill Lee behind the mike. The station featured hits by artists who have passed away.

3:45 – WCWP – since we left the CW Post football game a few minutes early, we wanted to hear the very end of the game in the car.

4:00 PM – WCBS-FM with Dave Packer. It seems that every week there is a different DJ in the 2-7 PM slot on Saturdays.

5:00 PM - Norm N. Nite on Sirius/XM 50s on 5. I would certainly name him as the Distinguished Professor of the Heart of Rock N Roll.

6:00 PM – Pete Fornatale on WFUV

I missed Cousin Brucie on Saturday night, but I heard on Sunday interviewing Zacherle.

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