Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Mets Start the Second Half of the Season Tonight

The Mets are 48-40 at the All-Star break which is better than I expected. They had some peaks and valleys during the first half. The biggest event tonight will be the return of Carlos Beltran to the lineup. An aging player is always injury prone, and that is the risk that is taken when one is given a long term contract. I am really hoping that John Maine will come back from his injury. Will R.A. Dickey be able to keep up his good performance? Oliver Perez is a lost cause. Omar Minaya was crazy to give him $36 Million over 3 years. This second half starts off with an 11 game west coast swing. If the Mets do poorly at this point they could go downhill quickly.

Jason Bay was the biggest hitting disappointment over the first half. He plays like he did for the Red Sox, the Mets could be in contention for the NL East.

My prediction is that the Mets will say above .500, but will fall short of the division or the wild card this season. Time will tell.

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