Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't get attached to your favorite athlete

Say goodbye to Garden fan favorite David Lee. The Knicks have reached an agreement to send Lee to the Golden State Warriors in a sign-and-trade for three players, including second-year forward Anthony Randolph. Donnie Walsh feels that David Lee and Amare Stoudamire could not play together. If you have a favorite player on your team, don't get too attached to him since it is likely he'll be gone within a few years. A generation ago players like Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Willis Reed, John Havlichek and others would play their entire careers with one time. This is what happens in the era of free agency.

I guess there is no need for me to comment on the LeBron James situation. I just can not understand why he had to go to a gymnasium in Greenwich, CT to say he was going to sign with the Miami Heat. I was watching ESPN News this morning and they showed people in a sports bar in Cleveland crying. There was also a scene with a kid buring a Cavalier LeBron James jersey.

Getting back to the Knicks. If they don't make the playoffs this year, Donnie Walsh must go. He traded several good players to make cap space to sign free agents this off season. He signed Stoudamire, but has plenty of money for more signings.

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