Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Destroy a Building after 24 years?

There was a story on the news last night that the RCA Dome in Indianapolis was imploded (see the photo above). I did a little research and found out that it was first used for professional football in 1984. My concern is why is a necessary to destroy a building after just 24 years? Are aparment buildings, schools, or shopping malls demolished after such a short lifetime? It seems that society places too much value on sports. I guess the Indianapolis Colts must have threatened to move if they didn't get a new stadium.

There is a new football stadium being built in the New Jersey Meadowlands for the Jets and Giants to be ready for the 2010 season. I must presume that Giants Stadium that was completed in 1976 will be demolished. Who benefits by these new stadia that are supported by the taxpayers? Likewise most of the funding for Citifield and the new Yankee Stadium came from New York City and state funds. Will the average baseball fan be able to get tickets?

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Harry N said...

Bruce, there are many reasons. The first is politics.

It's often the case where it's in the contract of a professional sports team to play in a new arena.

As far as costs go; you can bet your bottom dollar the average fan will be paying for these new stadiums...parking, food, beer, admission, gifts, etc.

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