Saturday, December 20, 2008

I just hate it when there is snow on the ground

The only snow that I like is the type that is soft and fluffy. Yesterday's snow truned to sleet so the snow that is on the ground is very hard and icy. I couldn't take Lee to play basketball as we do on most Saturday mornings. I surfed the web in the morning while I listened to Bob Porter's Function, an R&B show on WBGO. At 10:30 we went to the local public library where I took out a book on the therapeutic uses of stem cells. At 12 noon we went to the local multiplex and saw The Day the Earth Stood Still which was a remake of a 1951 movie. We bought some Dunkin' Donuts and went home to eat them with hot chocolate. We saw the tape of yesterday's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." At 6 PM we listened to Saturday Night Oldies (Hi Frank) which was only 45 minutes due to sports programming on WABC. We then watched the DVD of the Traveling Wilburys that I bought a few weeks ago in Greenwich Village. Everyone in the group was interviewed except for Bob Dylan. That is to be expected. I am now listening to Cousin Bruce on XM/Sirius.

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