Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seven Baseball Games in Eight Days

We went to the Met game at Shea Stadium today and saw the Mets complete a three game sweep of the Oakland A's by wiining 10-2.  John Maine was the winning pitcher while Jose Valentin hit a three run home run.  It seems that the Mets have ended their June swoon.

Tomorrow we are leaving for our second Jay Buckley Baseball Tour of the midwest ( .  If you check this blog for August 27, 2006, you will read my report of last years 4 day trip.  This year we are going for 6 days to Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinati, and Chicago(Wrigley Field).  I do not have a laptop computer, so I will take nots with pen and paper and report back here next week.  You only go round once in life and you may as well do things that you enjoy.

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