Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting Ready for our Second Baseball Trip

Today I almost repeated August 18, 2006 (

Since I have Fridays off and Lee was finished with school, we drove over to Crocheron Park in Bayside.  Afterward, we went over to the Bay Terrace Shooping Center where we ate lunch at Ben's Deli.  From there we went over to the Barnes and Nobles Book Store where I bought the following 3 baseball books:

Tales from the Mets Dougout by Bruce Markusen

The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics by Alan Schwartz

After Jackie: Pride Prjudice and Baseball's forgotten heroes: An Oral History by Cal Fussman

I hope my librarian friends reading this blog will not cricize me for not using MLA or APA style guides.  I just wrote down the title and author.

There will be plenty of time on the plane and on the bus rides coming up.


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