Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Jeopardy Tickets This Time

A few weeks ago Jeopardy announced there would be a taping of several celebrity shows at Radio City Music Hall in October.  I sent in a self addressed stamped envelop hoping to get tickets.  Yesterday, I recieved my envelop back.  Instead of the tickets it said that there were over 200,000 requests for tickets and that I lost the lottery.  3 years ago I did get tickets for a taping of a super tournament.  Oh Well.  I'll be watching on TV.  Right now I am reading a new book titled Brainiac by Ken Jennings, the greatest Jeopardy champ.  In part the book talks about how he got on the show, but he does discuss the history of trivia.


Anonymous said...

Ken Jennings winning was a mixture of luck and smarts (20/80 split).  There were some shows where people just wagered too much in final jeporday.  Granted Jennings probably intimidated them into doing so but some of his oppponents bidding made no sense.  

Anonymous said...

Brad Rutter was another phenomenal player on Jeopardy.  In a super tournament about a year ago Brad actually beat Ken Jennings and a third player named Jerome Vered.  When Brad played for the first time there was a limit on 5 victories for a champion.  There was no telling how far Brad would have gone if there was no limit.  I read in Jennings book that about 30,000 people apply to be contestants each year on Jeopardy and only 400 get on the show.  That means the odds are 75 to 1 against each applicant.

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