Saturday, September 16, 2006


Since the 1950s yours truly has been a big Superman fan.  Since then I watched the TV series starring George Reeves.  For years it was on Channel 11 in NYC and then TVLand showed it for a while.  So I saw each episode umpteen times.  How could Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen not figure out that Clark Kent was Superman?  Great Cesaers Ghost!  I have a couple of VHS tapes of shows that I recorded over the years.  Today we saw a movie called Hollywoodland about the controversial death of George Reeves.  The original story in 1959 was that he committed suicide since he couldn't find any acting jobs since he was stereotyped as Superman.  The movie was about an investigation that his death was likely a murder.  There were some books written about this.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the difficulty of believing Lois Lane or Jimmy could never figure out who Superman was.  Not even that - but they never even posed the question.  

I had never heard of George Reeves or even knew that there was a live action version of the show in the 50s.  I did like the adventures of Lois and Clarke when it aired on ABC ten or so years ago.  

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