Friday, August 18, 2006

Baseball Books for my Baseball Trip

Back in the old days there were small bookstores all over.  Today I had to drive over to a Barnes and Nobles superstore at Utopia Parkway and Union Turnpike to buy some books for my trip.  It certainly would make sense to buy baseball books for a baseball trip.  I certainly don't want to read anything about library science, chemistry or micromanagement.  No Dilbert books for me, please. I resisted the temptation get yet another Bob Dylan book.  I will listen to his new CD at the end of the day on Tuesday August 29th. I bought Tales from the Mets Dugout by Bruce Markusen and Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot and other Unsolved Mysteries of Baseball by Paul Aron.  I hope that readers of this blog don't criticize me from not putting my bibliography in MLA or APA format.:) 

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