Wednesday, August 30, 2006

26 years ago today

In late July 1980 for the very first time I was stood up for a date.  I had made a date with this young lady over the phone.  When I came to her door, she just said I just don't want to go out.  For a short time I was "down in the dumps" over this.  At that time I worked for Schering-Plough in Bloomfield, NJ.  A few weeks later my colleague Arlene Shapiro asked me if I would like to meet her sister-in-law Karen who lived in Queens.  I made a date with her for Saturday night August 30, 1980.  We went to see an ice show at Nassau Coliseum.  To make a very long story short we were married on October 16, 1983.  It shows that one can "bounce back" from a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

cute post bruce. congrats!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a hallmark card.  

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