Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday night oldies on WABC with Mark Simone

Regular readers of this blog (if they still do :)) should recognize that I am always listening to Saturday night oldies on WABC with Mark Simone.  About 6 months after WCBS-FM dropped oldies for the dreaded Jack format, WABC started an oldies show on Saturday night.   From 1960-82 WABC was the premier Top 40 station in the USA if not NYC.  From 1982 to the present it has been a conservative leaning talk station.  This oldies show gives enthusiasts of 60s and 70s music a place over the air to listen to their favorite music for 4 hours a week.  The show has a message board at:

A little after 8 PM he played an obscure oldies called Ma Belle Amie by a Dutch group called the Tee Set.  I wrote on the board that back in 1970 when this was a hit Dan Ingram would say "Who is Ralph Bellamy's mother?"  Ma Belle Amie.  Mark Simone read my post.


Today the terrific trio braved the rain and went to Shea Stadium.  On the way to the game it started to rain.  The game was supposed to start at 1:20, but it was delayed until 2:20.  The Mets came from behind to beat the Houston Astros 4-3 with El Duque as the winning pitcher.


Anonymous said...

We still read your journal bruce. just bad at keeping up with comments!

Anonymous said...

Mak played Ma Belle Amie with Dan Ingram in the studio, and he uttered the same remark!

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