Sunday, July 30, 2006

Miami Vice The Movie

As I am writing this entry Brian Matthew is playing I Shot Mr. Lee by the Bobbettes, a minor hit in 1960.  It is a follow-up to Mr. Lee by the Bobbettes, a Slutsky family favorite since 1988 when Lee was born.  At Lee's Bar Mitzvah in 2001 the DJ played Mr. Lee while Lee walked into the reception.

Enough reminisicing for now.  I had seen an advertisement for a free Jazz festival at Queens College for today.  We didn't go since it was oppressively hot again.  We certainly didn't want to stand on a hot campus and be uncomfortable.  It would have been nice to do something different but the weather did not cooperate.  Instead we walked to the local multiplex and saw the Miami Vice movie.  The producers of movies these days can't think of any new ideas so they make movie versions of old TV series.


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