Monday, May 22, 2006

On Vacation this week

Since I work for a university, I get 20 vacation days plus 3 personal days every year.  I always take a week off in May after the Spring Semester ends.  Today I drove out to Wantaugh, Long Island to meet Matt, an aircheck collector.  One of my previous blog entries talked about my interest in radio.  Over the years I had recorded shows off the radio.  I made trades with many people over the years and amassed a collection of hundreds on tapes from radio stations all over the country.  I even have a couple of tapes from abroad.  Matt's collection is a lot bigger than mine.  He is making a CD on the radio life of the late Jack Spector best known for his time at WMCA.  I had some airchecks of Jack which I let Matt copy.  Recently, I have not recorded and collected as many tapes as I did.  There used to be many unique radio stations, but there has been homogenation of radio formats over the years.  Now I can listen to a multitude of stations over the internet.  Some years back I would have to get a tape of a station from a collector in another city.  Right now I am listening to an aircheck on the Internet from CHUM from Toronto recorded in 1963.

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Anonymous said...

amazing how the internet has brought so much to us! i'm glad you still have the interest though, even if the collecting part is a bit easier.

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