Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Johnny Cash CD

The Man in Black passed away in September 2003, but he left us his music.  Today Sony music released a two CD set of never released recordings.  This will make Lee very happy when he arrives from school.  Since I was off from work, I drove to the FYE music store in Bayside and purchased the CDs for him.  We got to see the musical Ring of Fire in February.  It closed at the end of April.  We all like to make our childeren happy, so if Lee likes Johnny, I like him too.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, what are your thoughts on this CD set?  I love Johnny Cash too and would like to hear your review of this new release before purchasing.  

Anonymous said...

I second mike's comment. i'd like to know your thoughts on the cd. I'd also love it you could sneak it into work one day (one day only) but I wouldn't want to take it away from  Lee! :)

see you tuesday! it's sooner than you think!

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