Saturday, January 21, 2006

Too Much Basketball Today

No, Bob Dylan never wrote a song about basketball, but he did write a song about the late Catfish Hunter, the pitcher for the Oakland A’s and New York Yankees.  Today we set out to see a basketball game at CW Post in Brookdale, Long Island.  There was a doubleheader with Dowling College playing CW Post.  Although the women’s game started at 2 PM, we arrived about 3 PM to catch the second half.  The game ended at 3:45 with  Post winning 61-53.  The men’s game started at 4:15.  The defenses for both teams were tight.  The shooting was very poor.  To make a long story short, the game went to 4 overtimes!!!.  Dowling College finally won 80-76.  From there we went to Ben’s Deli in Greenvale about 5 minutes away.  I ate London Broil instead of my usual pastrami.  Enough basketball for me for one day.  Would you believe that Karen and Lee are watching the Knick game on TV?  Maybe I will catch the very end of it.


 Today, I dug into my record collection and pulled on a Peter Paul and Mary compilation that was released in 1970.  It included Too Much of Nothing which I talked about in yesterday’s entry.  In this version the name Vivian was changed to Marion.  I checked my Joel Whitburn book which says that this version charted at #35 in late 1967,  Some artists that cover Dylan’s songs change some of the lyrics.  I also listened to the Bob Dylan version that he recorded on the Basement Tapes which I have on vinyl J .  That seems to be an oxymoron.

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